If Election 2016 makes you feel like drinking, I can help. Here I’ll make cocktails for each US President. By November, we can drink them all!

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One died in service to his county. Three died on the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, two on the same day, one, five years later. Among the first five presidents there were the Commander of the Continental Army, the main voice of the Declaration of Independence, and the father of the Constitution. Here are men who remained friends for life. There were also, among them, men who were friends, and then estranged from each other, and then friends again.

The American Revolution and the years that followed were fiery ones which provided the perfect landscape for a variety of passionate men with diverse personalities and visions for the new nation they all had a role in creating. As presidents of a new nation, they set the traditions of the office, and also established the precursors to the partisan politics that are so familiar to us now.

Now you can drink them.