Candidate cookies are a quick look at the men and women who aspire to be President of the United States 2017-2020.

It’s not easy running for President of the United States when you have a long, public political history. It’s also not easy for a presidential biocookieographer to decide how to turn such a candidate into a cookie. Hillary Clinton’s cookie, though, is very informed by the “I’m with her” tagline associated with her logo. This cookie nods to the precarious balance that a female candidate has to strike. This cookie is about the balance between projecting oneself as a strong candidate, but also capitalizing on your feminine edge. Lemons are the perfect ingredient, then, for this cookie. Lemons have a strong flavor. The protective skin, via it’s oil, provides vary strong flavor, so lemon zest is throughout this cookie. There are two types of chocolate in this cookie, but not chocolate chips. This bar chocolate, one bittersweet, one extra dark, is a bit more expensive than many chocolate chips, and alludes to the the dollars that back her campaign. Finally, the cookie is contains a creamy crumble on top, as female candidates are squeezed into paying attention to the way that they come off differently than male candidates do. This is a reminder that such a candidate may have to dust herself with extra sugar from time to time.

For substantive information about Hillary Clinton, you might take a peek at her campaign website, or at her Project Votesmart profile page. The Wikipedia page will lead you to some other articles and resources if you scroll down to the bottom.