Even  before I became profoundly interested in the United States presidents, Gerald Ford stood out to me for one reason and one reason alone. He was from my home state, Michigan.

As I learned more about President Ford, it struck me how much “midwestern” was used to describe him, at least in the places where I read about him.

Ford is probably best remembered by some folks as the president who pardoned Richard Nixon after ascending to the presidency following Nixon’s resignation. He is also the answer to the trivia question, “Who held both the offices of president and vice president without being elected to either position?” Fewer people know that he said that his highest dream was to be the speaker of the House of Representatives, a post he never did achieve.

Ford was the first vice president to test out the 25th Amendment which stated what should happen should the vice presidency become vacant. It also covered what should happen in the case of presidential disability more specifically than the constitution had in the past. This amendment establishes that if there is a vacancy in the vice presidency, that the president will nominate a successor who will become the vice president if confirmed by a majority vote of both houses of the congress.

This Midwesterner was the choice who could make it through.


The cake:

This cupcake makes reference to Ford’s college years, yes, in the Midwest.  Gerald Ford is a Michigan Wolverine. The school colors, then, would be part of this cupcake, maize and blue. Maize is interpreted as corn here. The cupcake itself is corn flavored, this is achieved by infusing the milk in the cupcake with corn. The blue is achieved with a dollop of blueberry preserves in the cupcake. The frosting is lemon-flavored cream cheese frosting. The block M is made from blue candy melts.

Go Blue!!