There is so much one could say about Theodore Roosevelt. That, I suppose, is something you could say about all of the faces on Mount Rushmore.

Roosevelt did so many things. He overcame childhood illness. He overcame losing his mother and his wife on the same day.  You could choose to look at him as almost the ultra survivor, a super-human character. Or, you could see him as an ultra human. Following the same-day death of his mother and his wife, he spent some time out in the Badlands testing himself physically in order to deal with his pain. When courting his second wife, he bought a pair of dueling pistols, you know, just in case.

Maybe passionate is the best word to describe President Theodore Roosevelt. He loved nature and supported conservation. However, he loved hunting. Of him, in the time leading up to the 1900 presidential election, Marcus Hannah called him a madman saying, “Don’t any of you realize that there’s only one life between that madman and the Presidency? ”

Roosevelt was the first president to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, yet he was itching for the Spanish-American War to come about.

Finally, it could be said that Roosevelt broke the republican party that he had worked so hard lead. In 1912, Roosevelt ran for president again as a third-party candidate. This split the Republican vote and helped Wilson to the White House.

Like all of the big figures, he was a man of contradictions.


The cake:

Because of his role in the Spanish American war which was fought over the fate of cuba, I thought I would play with rum in this cupcake. The frosting is coconut rum buttercream. The cupcake is mint and vanilla. Finally, the filling is blueberry whipped cream. This is a reference to the union blue. Many historians believe that his eagerness to participate in the Spanish American war came from the fact that his father did not participate in the Civil War, instead hiring a replacement. The blue sugar also refers to the union blue. The sugar pearls represent that pair of pearl-handled dueling pistols that he had bought.

I wasn’t sure that this flavor combination was going to work,but it did. Despite having  a lot going on, it came together. This is totally in line with the Theodore Roosevelt theme.