Every time I get my hands on a book, or a set of cards (don’t judge me) that covers all of the presidents, I am very curious about how Grover Cleveland is handled. This whole only-president-to-serve-nonconsecutive-terms business complicates things.

Sometimes he gets one entry that covers both of his terms. In this case, there’s usually something visual that tells the reader the beginning and ending years of each of his terms. The poster in my son’s room (don’t judge me) pictures President Cleveland twice. The second picture is just the first one repeated. This always disappoints me. It makes me feel like they just don’t care. This site tells you that I think people should care about the presidents.

Sometimes there are two separate pictures of Grover Cleveland. While I enjoy that treatment, the one that tickles me is what I’m calling the reflection. I crack up each and every time a book or poster shows Grover Cleveland twice, and when the second appearance is the same picture reflected so that Cleveland is facing the other way.


This is why I decided to make a second Cleveland cupcake. I knew I needed to play with the idea of  the reflected image.

In terms of cupcakes, I decided to play with the same flavors from the first cupcake and mix it up into something different. So we’re still working with peanuts, caramel and chocolate.  This time the cupcake is peanut butter flavored. It is filled with caramel whipped cream. This one has chocolate buttercream frosting and caramel drizzle. This cupcake was quite enjoyable. In fact, I couldn’t decide which Grover Cleveland I liked the best. Maybe they are both of the same caliber.