Ronald Reagan is really the first president that I remember from when he was the President of the United States. I think that the incident that even really made me aware of the presidency at all was the Iran Contra Affair and the news that was playing all of the time during that period. An aside, I remember thinking that Oliver North was so cute. 


Ronald Reagan as a young man was on the football team and acted in plays. When he finished college he was a radio sports announcer. He then became an actor starring in 53 films in a two decade career. Reagan also worked as the host of a weekly television program which allowed him to continue to tighten his public speaking skills. In addition to his acting, announcing, and his role on television, Reagan also wrote numerous opinion columns following his loss of the 1976 Republican presidential nomination.

In some ways, it seems that he was destined for popularity, meant to have the nickname, “The Great Communicator.”


The cake:

This is one time when people who have guessed and speculated about what cupcake a president would get were correct. The Reagan cupcake does involve jelly beans. Back in the sixties, Ronald Reagan began eating jelly beans as he gave up smoking. For his inauguration in 1981, three and a half tons of red, white, and blue jelly beans were a part of the festivities. Those jelly beans were Jelly Belly jelly beans very cherry, coconut and blueberry. So, the cake, here, is in these three flavors. The frosting is vanilla buttercream, and it is garnished with red, white, and blue jellybeans.