To talk about the friendship between Vice President Biden and President Obama isn’t a new thing. I mean, if you’re so inclined, you can lose your entire evening exploring the memes.

I’m just saying…if that’s the sort of thing you’re susceptible to.


I don’t think that many people would disagree that it is more difficult to make deep friendships in adulthood than it is in youth. This is part of what makes the “bromance” between Joe Biden and Barack Obama so special. 

When I decided to honor Joe Biden with ice cream, one of the things that came to my mind were the images this summer of Joe Biden and Barack Obama making friendship bracelets for each other. 

With this ice cream, I wanted to capture this sense of play. So, I made an ice cream that reminded me of childhood fun. The base of the ice cream is flavored with fruity cereal. The fruit flavor was boosted a bit with some strawberry flavoring. When the ice cream was churned, I added more cereal. Then I needed to add sprinkles. It seems that only kids really appreciate the magic of sprinkles. However, that’s not true. Some adults, too can see the magic. Just like some adults can forge those special, strong bonds that the lucky among us experience in our youth.