trump cookie


Candidate cookies are a quick look at the men and women who aspire to be President of the United States 2017-2020.

Donald Trump’s cookie references both his personal story and statements that he has made over the last several months. As a billionaire, his cookie should have ingredients that one might not use every day. This is where saffron comes in. Donald Trump comes to us from the world of entertainment. As a result, some of the coverage that he gets is a bit different than coverage of other candidates. This is where the cashews come in. The cashew tree has a short, irregular trunk. There was a whole Vanity Fair article about a claim that Donald Trump has short fingers. The coconut flakes are a reference to Mr. Trump’s famous hair. The flakes sit in the cookie at a variety of angles. Also, the flakes are white when they go into the batter, but those that sit on top of the cookie take on a sandier, never-quite-brown color upon baking. This represents the variety of colors we can observe in Trumps hair if perusing Google images. Finally, Donald Trump’s nativist leanings inspired the inclusion of white chocolate chips.

For substantive information about Donald Trump, you might take a peek at his campaign website, or at his Project Votesmart profile page. The Wikipedia page will lead you to some other articles and resources if you scroll down to the bottom.