Candidate cookies are a quick look at the men and women who aspire to be President of the United States 2017-2020.

While Ben Carson is no longer in the presidential race, I see no good reason to let a photo of a cookie made months ago go to waste.

This cookie makes reference to Ben Carson’s past, something that was a hot topic of discussion during parts of his bid to become to Republican Party’s 2016 presidential candidate. At one point, Carson was on the board of directors for Kellogg Co. With this in mind, crushed corn flakes make sense for an ingredient in his cookie. Better Made potato chips, which are, like Carson, from Detroit are also a part of this cookie. Finally, this cookie contains chocolate chips. Here’s the part where I  briefly considered selling you guys a bill of goods regarding the chocolate chip. I thought about telling you that this was a reference to his wife’s name, Candy. I mean, all the most famous candy bars have chocolate, right? But, Ben Carson has chocolate in his cookie because he’s this year’s black candidate.

For substantive information about Ben Carson, you might take a peek at his campaign website, or at his Project Votesmart profile page. The Wikipedia page will lead you to some other articles and resources if you scroll down to the bottom.